To keep a composite stone worktop as strong and beautiful looking as possible Arte recommends you don't sit, kneel or stand on the work surface. It may sound logical but it happens more often than you think. After all, it is tempting to put your foot down on the worktop while you're cleaning the cooker hood or trying to wipe the window behind the work surface. Composite stone is resistant to many types of products but substances that are highly alkaline, e.g. sink and plughole unblockers, can easily damage the work surface. The repeated opening of a dishwasher before the end of its drying cycle may also cause irreparable damage to your worktop and edging.  Such so-called „thermal shocks” can easily be prevented by using a proper insulation material. Something else that may impact on the worktop is the fact that many consumers opt for larger built-in hobs or range cookers in combination with a thinner work surface. This means that large cut-outs have to be made in the work surface. A solid support for the worktop during installation is therefore of the utmost importance. The same applies when a wide cupboard is planned to go underneath the work surface.  As a rule, Arte offers installation supports for any cupboard sizes exceeding 600 mm width. Ask your kitchen supplier whether these aspects were taken into account.

Composite kitchen worktops