No stone left unturned. No matter how small, one stone can make the difference

Corporate Sustainability

A sustainable approach to energy use, to people, etc. It’s not just added fluff, it permeates our business from top to bottom. Ask our staff how they contribute to a sustainable world and they’ll give you numerous examples. It’s carved in stone throughout Arte’s structure. Corporate Social Responsibility? It was our foundation stone and it has guided us on our path ever since. It reflects our perception of the world and our place in it. No stone left unturned. No matter how small, one stone can make the difference.


Arte Right To Education

Lately stonemason Arte from Helmond has not only been working to eradicate child labour in quarries but also in the wider world. By means of its Arte Right To Education project in India Arte wants to get the children of quarry workers into school.


A chain reaction

So far, Arte has moved stones that have led to national and international changes. We are a member of the Responsible Stone Program set up by TFT, The Forest Trust. This organisation is dedicated to the environment and human rights. We think it is important to support our suppliers and not just check up on them. We took our ideas to TFT and together made a valuable improvement to the approach.

It requires more from our suppliers but, at the same time, increases the chances of success and the whole thing is so much more fulfilling. We are consistently trying to realise our ideas about sustainability and want to impart these views on our suppliers and other stakeholders.

By spreading the word, we’re doing our bit to raise awareness about CSR. Like a little stone thrown in the water, creating waves. The outcome speaks volumes. More and more initiatives are seeing the light of day. We applaud this wholeheartedly and try to support their execution as best we can. One small action can cause a chain reaction.

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Crowning glory

The CSR-level 4 certificate is the crowning glory for Arte. In the run-up to obtaining the actual certification, all efforts that had previously been put in to CSR were put to the test by the major stakeholders. The results were incorporated in a new company policy regarding CSR, drawn up by the management team of Arte in conjunction with the internal work group Inukshuk, composed of various employees from different departments.

Arte is also a member of the TFT Responsible Stone Programme. This organisation promotes the use of ethically and ecologically quarried natural, in order to create more international support for a durable natural stone sector.

Sustainability at Arte

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